• ItalWax Starter kit Pro 800 Filmwax

Starter kit Pro 800 Filmwax

Professional Starter Kit Filmwax 800 at an affordable price! Ideally suited for waxing Armpits, Bikini Line, Face , Arm and Legs.
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Affordable professional Starter Kit Filmwax 800

With this inexpensive professional Starter Kit Filmwax you can get all your supplies at once.

Note: the waxheater's image may differ from the supplied resin heater. We supply a device that is in stock.


  • Waxheater for 800ml cans
  • ItalWax Film Wax Azulene 1kg
  • ItalWax Pre Wax 250 ml spray
  • ItalWax After wax Cooling Gel 250ml
  • ItalWax Wax strips 7 x 20 cm pack 100 pieces
  • Wooden wax spatulas large.
  • Professional wax cartridge heater
  • ItalWax Wax Cartridge 6 x 100 ml
  • ItalWax Cosmetic Talcum Powder 50 grams
  • italwax empty can with lid 800ml

Ideally suited for:

  • Armpit waxing
  • Bikini line waxing
  • Back and chest waxing
  • Face waxing
  • Arms waxing
  • Legs waxing
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