• ItalWax Sugarpaste ultrasoft Wax cartridge

Sugarpaste ultrasoft Wax cartridge

Sugar based wax cartridges: heat up, apply and wax!
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Italwax Sugarpaste ultra soft Wax cartridge

Wax made from sugar, honey and lemon extract.
The cartridge is available with a capacity of 100 ml. The hydrowax contains honey and is free from allergens. It is naturally the best product for epilation and contains sugar, honey and lemon extract.

Italwax sugar-based wax cartridge
Content: 100 ml

Sugar-based wax cartridges: heating, applying and waxing!
The use of this cartridge is child's play. Place a thin layer of wax on the skin. Roll in the same direction as the hair growth. Place the Wax strip on the wax placed and press well. Quickly pull the strip from the skin in the opposite direction to hair growth.

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